John Ayer

Holistic Practical Spiritual Counseling

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The thought-made self fears what it doesn’t know and cannot control. It habitually dismisses the present and creates a stressful future that mirrors a misunderstood past.
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Release everyday life from the chains placed on it and rediscover ourselves kind, confident, and free.
John Ayer
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With the best intentions, believing and defending stories of good and bad, right and wrong, we innocently cause suffering for ourselves and others.

With gratitude, compassion and humility,
realize just how perfectly resolute is the now of it.
Except for thoughts and stories claimed as mine,
without comparison, this essential moment
brings no consequence,
rather offers joy and peace.

Experience life as it is - the so-called good and bad of it. As gently as possible, welcome and befriend the flow of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations as wise benefactors.

Meditation, the first kin of inquiry brings the light of awareness to tender, distressing, thoughts and unfelt hurts. Inquiry clears the mind of confusion and life limiting, negative stories.

Practiced together, meditation and inquiry offer the confused, worried, naysaying mind a quiet, safe home in which to discover and transform misunderstandings, worn-out beliefs and stuck, negative emotions. Through presence, hard work, trust and forgiveness, positive change can’t help but happen.